Mr. Miller & Ms. Martin

2021 –2022 —Grade 5 School Supplies List

12               duo tangs assorted colours – NO BINDERS PLEASE!

1                 metric ruler

6                notebooks (Hilroy or Keytab type) – variety of colour

1                 pair pointed scissors

1                 pencil case

2                blue ballpoint pens

2                red ballpoint pens

20-24         HB pencils

3                erasers

1                 box pencil crayons (24 pack)

1                 set of felts (thin)

1                 box of Kleenex (200’s)

1                 set of headphones/earbuds with computer jack

1                 pkg. lined paper (100 sheets) – no larger quantity

3                glue sticks

  1.               pad of post it notes 3”x 3”
  2.               pocket size hand sanitizer (suggestion)
  • P.E. Strip – shorts, runners, T-shirt and gym bag (no black-soled runners PLEASE).
  • $5.00 for agenda which can be purchased from the school.
  • Please make sure your child’s name is on ALL articles
  • This is only a beginning list, and some supplies such as pens, pencils and glue need replacing during the year.  Please check that your child continues to have sufficient supplies throughout the year.