Grade 7

2023/2024 Grade 7 School Supplies List

X1 Package of refill paper, ruled with margin (200 sheets)
X2 2” Binders
X1 10 Index Dividers – Assorted colours
X7 Duotangs – variety of colours
X2 Exercise Books (Keytab or Hilroy), ruled (21.6 cm x 27.5 cm)
X4 Large Gluesticks
X1 Box of Pencil Crayons, pre-sharpened (24)
X1 Box of Fine Tip Markers (12+ pack)
X1 Package of 24 HB Pencils
X3 White Vinyl Erasers
X1 Blue Ballpoint Pen
X2 Highlighters –different colours
X2 Fine Point Black Sharpie Marker
X1 Ultra-Fine Black Sharpie Marker
X1 Box of Tissues
X1 Basic Calculator
X1 4” Protractor (for geometry)
X1 Pointed Scissors
X1 Pencil Case
X1 Metric Ruler (cm/mm)
X1 Large flat paint brush (example: #10 hog hair)
X1 Small flat paint brush (example: #6 hog hair)
X1 P.E. Strip – shorts, runners, T-shirt and gym bag

(no black-soled runners PLEASE).

X1 Pair of Indoor Shoes
X1 Agenda which can be purchased from the school for $5

(e-transfers can be sent to


  • Please make sure your child’s name is on ALL articles
  • This is only a beginning list, and some supplies such as pens, pencils and glue need replacing during the year. Please check that your child continues to have sufficient supplies throughout the year.

School Supplies can also be purchased online at