March 29, 2021

Dear Parents,

We hope that everyone enjoyed their Spring Break!

Please make a note of the following:

  • Congratulations to Tianna Wollman in Grade 6 for winning a prize for the district COVID Health and Safety Poster contest for the Grade 4-7 category! Tianna’s classroom has won $150 on a classroom or school related activity or celebration.  
  • Remember, Hat Day is on the last day of each month (see the dates below).  All donations will go towards the SPCA – we have already raised around $150!!
  • There are still some intermediate band students with outstanding band fees/band instrument rental fees for the 2020/2021 school year. Please contact the office or our band teacher, Ms. Coyne, if you would like to discuss your child’s outstanding band fees. 
  • Weather permitting, students will start eating their lunches outside. Please pack outdoor friendly lunches for your child.
  • Mrs. Willis, Ms. Campana/Ms. Martin, and Mrs. Cleven’s classes all received grants. Mrs. Willis purchased a class set of yoga mats that all our students can use during guided yoga. Some of Ms. Campana/Ms. Martin’s students are promoting an Environment Pollution Plan (EPP) by recording a professional video and creating professional made signs for our school. Mrs. Cleven’s class made cookie jars for the Princeton Baptist Church food bank and candles for residents at Ridgewood. 

Term 2 Honour Roll Lists  

We would like to congratulate the following VFE students who made the Term 2 Honour Roll. 

Academic Excellence (A’s in core subjects):   

 Grade 7        Grade 6

Caleb Cleven                                              Adrena-lyn Bishop

Sylvie Thomas Abby Rhyno

Jaime Jantunen Kaiden Mortensen

Marina Sutyagin                                  Esther Genesius 

Jonah Yurkowski                                         


Grade 5 Grade 4

Marti Erickson                                               Alex Sutyagin

Nate Logan                                                  Sawyer Cleven

Sienna Stein                                                  Chloe Jensen

Zoe Tuohey                                                   Levi Scafe

Shaya Mailloux                                             Oliver Schneider

Peyton Ortwein                                            Emily Tosczak

Kayne Ross

Katie Gush

Katelyn Harry

Honour Roll/Academic Achievement (A’s and B’s in core subjects):  

                                                        Grade 7 Grade 6

Sienna Garton                                              Avery Laidlaw

Hayden Hogg                                              Tianna Wollman 

Mya Niekamp                                              Payton Barth

Evan Roccamatisi                                       Eden Jensen 

Corben Van Genne                                   Alex Ross

Halli Brewer                                                 Paige Graves

Abbey Erickson                                            Kingston Trevis

Liam Hartwell Wesley Tuohey

Delorian Osborne

Matthew Williams

Jessy Michaud 

Conrad Sill

Leighton Moss

                                                        Grade 5 Grade 4

Linden Eisnor                                               Landon Morris

Mason Forcier                                              Brielle Bishop

Tavin Gibson                                                 Addison Garton

Kyndra Sure                                                  Sasha Olynyk

Hannah Nolin                                               Kyia Smethurst

Tyler Ortwein                                                 Bonnica Traballo

Rylin Roach                                                   Harper Hogg

Sterling Schneider                                       Chase MacDonald

Taralyn Sullivan                                             Rebecca Thomas

Taylor Antonick                                            Lily Traverse

Audrey Goodman-Falk                              Owhen Vergara

Important Dates:

Here are some upcoming important dates and events for our school up until the end of the school year:

Wednesday, March 31: Hat Day Fundraiser. Students can wear their hat indoors all day for $1.00. CPR training for Mrs. Willis Grade 6/7 class. 

Friday, April 2: Stat Holiday. School is not in session.

Monday, April 5: Stat Holiday. School is not in session.

Tuesday, April 6: Afterschool Homework and Recreation Club starts back up.  

Wednesday, April 7: Zoom P.A.C. meeting at 6pm. Please call or email our office if you would like to attend virtually. 

Thursday, April 8: Hot Lunch order form/payment are due to the office by noon.

Friday, April 30: Hat Day Fundraiser. Students can wear their hat indoors all day for $1.00.

Monday, May 10: Class Group Photo Day.

Monday, May 24: Stat Holiday. School will not be in session.

Monday, May 31: Hat Day Fundraiser. Students can wear their hat indoors all day for $1.00.

Wednesday, June 16: Last day of Homework Club for Grades 4/5. 

Thursday, June 17: Last day of Homework Club for Grades 6/7.

Tuesday, June 29: Term 3 Report Cards go home today. Last day of school before the Summer Break.

Wednesday, June 30: Administration Day.

You will be notified of other events in the school as they come up. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support! If you have any questions or concerns, then please call the school at 250-295-6642.