VFE- PAC Minutes

June 13, 2016

In Attendance: Barry Clarke, Liz Kennedy, Leah Ward, Erin Williams, Barb Gould, Renee Harrison

Call to order: 5:10pm

Quorum: yes

Agenda approval: Moved by Barb and Seconded by Leah

Minutes approval: Moved by Renee and Seconded by Leah

President Report

*Flowers fundraiser-Devry will give us a cheque for $200 and a $200 credit for next year because of the truck delay. We will ask for a morning delivery next year. Will need one person to be at the school from 8:30-5:00. This company is easy to deal with and ordering is easy. Barb recommends to use them again.


*Amy is absent- Liz reporting

*Eagle Bay actual invoice is $1600\

*Reports available as appendix

*Flower fundraiser brought in $5123.27

*Sports Day profit $486.55

*Gaming grant application is done already. Report will need last bits added in September and then sent off.

*Amy is unable to keep treasurer position for next year. She or Liz will mentor new volunteer.


*Suggestions for Constitutions and Bylaws from Stephanie:

– Quorum is suggested to be 2 plus president standing as tie breaker

-“Past President” should be amended. Past should not be on nominating committee.

-C&B can be changed every year

-Remove definitions of names (not applicable)

-provide parents for DPAC

-“clause shall be unalterable” We should question that statement

-Dissolution of PAC- in this instance, what do we do with gaming money? We should do what Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch says. Liz to confirm what policy says.

-Section 4- Parent should be defined as by the School Act.

-Don’t quote everything from School Act.

-Term of Office- take out “following election”. Term of Office will be set for September.


Moved by: Leah Ward

Seconded by: Barb Gould

Motion: Once Barb Gould has amended the Constitutions and Bylaws as discussed in this meeting on June 13, 2016, I agree to adopt in Principal. Email vote will finalize this decision.


*Eagle Bay- 16 students went at the end of May. Weather was great!

*Ms. Anderson and Ms. Thibert are leaving this year. New staff includes Fame Mackney, Shawna Torres, Shanna Nelson. Will have 2 more postings for prep positions.

*IEP’s- Individual Education Program. Kids are coming far.

*Goals- $6000 towards project based learning.

*School configuration will be: 2 straight Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 5/6, 2 Grade 6/7\

*Track and Field- 16 students participated in Merritt

*Aboriginal Day- on the 15th/21st. Celebrating with bannock and salmon

*Field trips:

-Band (Children’s Festival, Billy Elliot, Keremeos)

-Grade 6’s to Loco landing

-Grade 6/7’s to Rattlesnake Canyon

-Grade 5’s to Cultus Lake on June 23

*Blanket Exercise is a reconciliation project. Blankets represent different cultures. Students did activity in gym

*Peace run on June 28th. Is a torch relay going around the world. Will be coming through Princeton between 2-3pm

*Grade 7 Parent meeting at PSS at 6:00 on June 16th.

*Thank you for the Sports Day BBQ!

Unfinished Business

*Motion made for C&B.

*Barb will be leaving VFE PAC. Will help with flower fundraiser.

*Liz will possibly be leaving her position as President

*Amy will be leaving her position as Treasurer.

*When teacher would like to use PAC money, they need to use the same process of writing a letter or presenting to PAC

*Leah will put her name forward for signing authority. Tabled until September.